Property division settlement online is an online tool that allows divorcing couples to reach an agreement on marital property division without meeting with their spouse directly.

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In cases of legal separation or divorce, marital property division is necessary and required by the court in order to determine what is community property and what is separate. You will also need to agree on asset values and divide your debts. Our property division service can also help you to collect marital assets and debts, or even divide properties outside of a formal marriage.

In divorce paper preparation - what’s benefit?

Divorce forms you need to fill in for divorce include sections related to marital property – usually a list or proposal to split. You have to collect them, set it marital or not-marital property, assess value of marital property. Even if the court decide on division ratio, spouses need to agree on exact way how the division will be executed. Our service will provide you with a prefilled forms depending on your state.


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About was built with the collaboration of divorce specialists to make possible more couples for an amicable divorce. Having a property division set is an entry step to DIY divorce that many online platforms propose.

The application is powered by online negotiation framework. The mission of Agreemount is to give you the time and space you need when dealing with your negotiations, through implementing e-negotiations with asynchronous communication. Agreemount is a legally established company in the European Union, Poland.